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I believe in concept to completion.

It all started with a simple computer program to spark the interest and love for design in my life. Through the years, my interests continued to grow and wane, and I began to collect hobbies, but only one thing has continued to hold my eye for these years... that is, Design.

I am a roller derby all star, dog lover, gardener, car enthusiast, and most of all... graphic designer. My function in this world is to create and inspire, to help the ideas and dreams of everyone that I encounter come true.

A few fast facts...

  • I play roller derby for the Okanagan Roller Derby Association on the Sun City Sirens and I help represent the Okanagan on the Thompson Okanagan All=Star Team (TOAST).
  • I am an award-winning car enthusiast and have participated in many shows with both of my cars, Betty (a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer) and Wilma (a 1979 Ford Pinto)
  • I like paper and print, and love all the little details that go into a website, presentation... anything!
  • My dog Toby is a ninja, and he can jump heights up to 4 feet high! (not bad for a little guy)
  • I was 14 years old when I designed my first website (on!), I have nearly a decade of industry experience in both print and web design.

Software Skills:
adobe indesign | adobe photoshop | adobe illustrator | dreamweaver | quarkxpress | flash | constuct 2 HTML | CSS | javascript | jQuery | XML | actionscript | php | responsive web development | wordpress

British Columbia Institute of Technology
April 2012 - December 2014
Web Technologies - Certificate
  • Distance Learning course taken online
  • Continued focus on clean and proper code, with more emphasis on advanced web development languages and responsive web development.
  • Finished the course with distinction
British Columbia Institute of Technology
April 2010 - April 2012
Web Technologies - Associate Certificate
  • Distance Learning course taken online
  • Course focus on clean and proper code, as well as developing a proper base for CSS and XHTML programming with further focus on internet media and and proper design for a good user experience.
  • Finished the course with distinction
  • Work chosen to display in Student Showcase website.
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
August 2003 - April 2005
Digital Graphics Communications - Diploma
  • Learning focused on design for print applications, pre and post production
  • Graduating GPA: 3.68
  • Graduated with Honours
  • Recipient of the Jason Lang Scholarship
Wayside Co
April 2011 - Current
Web Designer - Cross Media Department
  • Responsibilities include the concepting and follow through of lead acuqisition websites for leading automotive manufacturers and various smaller companies throughout Canada. Ensuring the function of all deployed websites and campaigns to be correct and content to be compliant with corporate standards. Working closely with the client and development team to create leading edge websites to encourage users to sign up for programs and incentives. Travelling with the client to meetings to act as a technology liason regarding our products. Creative direction of fellow developers and programmers. Dealing directly with automotive manufacturers in the creative direction of lead acquisition campaigns to be administered in a national scale.
  • Skill sets include: Concepting websites and creating mock ups, coding from a flat mock up, animating flash presentations, some minor HTML 5 game development using the Construct 2 software, following up with clients based on their campaign results, mass deployment of micro websites, working closely with a developer to create a proper testing and deployment environment for the company, working on strict and short deadlines, ensuring that information on website is fully compliant with corporate standards.
View Publishing
August 2009 - March 2011
Regional Production Coordinator
  • Responsibilities include the coordination of production for both the Peachland View and Northeast News, ad design, page layout, colour correction and upholding the visual standards of both publications.
  • Developed time management skills, and organizational skills through working remotely.
The Calgary Sun
August 2007 - August 2009
Production Supervisor
  • Skill sets include: Ad building, digital file administration, commercial, classified and final output.
  • Responsibilities include tracking ads for the daily newspaper along with other commercial projects to be completed throughout the day, supervising the night shift, working within deadlines, ensuring that all staff is working to their best potential, overseeing the final output of the newspaper and ensuring that it is the best possible final product we can put on the streets, keeping accurate counts of inventory, taking a leadership position within the department, as well as acting as a liaison between staff and supervisors as well as the main contact for various commercial jobs throughout the night, making difficult decisions on-the-fly about ads, editorial space and production procedures, and all other previous responsibilities listed in the Production Artist position.
  • Developed leadership skills, and more communication based skills through interactions with editorial, press, sales staff, and other supervisory and management figures.
May 2005 - August 2007
Production Artist
  • Skill sets include: Ad building, digital file administration and commercial.
  • Responsibilities included tracking and building ads for the weekly Calgary Homes Pull-out, building and designing ads for various companies throughout the Calgary region, pulling ads and files off of an FTP server, and preparing the files for print usage, putting together smaller regional newspapers with PDF files through indesign, tracking ads and calling sales reps for the weekend newspapers, as well as training new hires.